Information Security

Information Security

Information Security and Transaction Security

Disclosure and Use of Information.

  We will not provide, sell, rent, share, or trade personal information of users to any unrelated third party, but to facilitate your use of Africamed services or services of other organizations (hereinafter referred to as other services), you agree and authorize Africamed to pass your personal information to Africamed affiliated company or  organization from where you are receiving  services at the same time, or obtain your personal information from Africamed affiliated company or  organization that provide other services to you.

We will make comprehensive statistics on the identity and transaction data of you and/or your company, and disclose the comprehensive statistics to advertisers out of legitimate purpose and use based on the judgement of Africamed . However, under these circumstances, we will not disclose any information that may be used to identify the personal identities of users to these organizations, but the data derived from the analysis of the user's user name or other discloseable information is not limited thereto.

You agree that we may disclose or use your personal information to identify and/or confirm your identity or resolve the dispute, or to help ensure the security of the site, restrict fraud, illegal or other criminal activities, so as to execute our service agreement.

You agree that we may disclose or use your personal information to protect your life and property or to prevent the grave infringement of the legitimate rights of others or to serve the public interest.

You agree that we may disclose or use your personal information to improve our services and make our services more responsive to your requirements so that you can get a better experience from our services.

You agree that we use your personal information to contact you and provide you with information that may be of interest to you, such as: introduction, promotion of products, services, promotional offers, or commercial short messages of business investment opportunities. Accepting “Africamed Services Agreement” and “Privacy Statement” is expressly consenting to accept such information; if you do not agree to accept the above information, you may unsubscribe by replying to a text message or other methods provided by Africamed.

Our website publishes business opportunities and quotes submitted by users, and other users can inquire these quotes and business opportunities.

We will disclose your information in good faith when we are obliged by law or required by government or obligee to identify the alleged infringer.

  1.2 Negotiating Transactions

The parties  negotiate with each other to clearly describe the offer and counteroffer on Africamed website. The acceptance of the offer or counteroffer by all parties will oblige the Africamed  users involved to complete the transaction. Unless in exceptional circumstances, such as the user’s substantive changes to the description of the item after quoting you offer or clarification of any incorrect text entry, or failure to substantiate the identity of the user involved in the transaction, the offer and commitment  shall not be withdrawn .

1.3 Dealing with Transaction Disputes

(i) Africamed does not involve in legal relationships and legal disputes arising from transactions between users. It will not and cannot be involved in transactions between parties. If you have a dispute with one or more users, or a third party service provider on Africamed website from where you receive  services , you are exempting Africamed (and Africamed agents and employees) from bearing responsibility (actual and consequential) for any claims, and damages caused by disputes, or in any way related to such disputes of different types and natures.

(ii)Africamed has the right to receive and mediate disputes arising from transactions between you and other users. At the same time, it has the right to unilaterally judge whether  complaints  and/or claims from other users against you are established. If Africamed determines that the claim is established, you  shall promptly use your own funds to make repayment, otherwise, Africamed shall have the right to use the deposit (if any) paid by you, or  to deduct  the amount of the nonperforming  products or services purchased on Africamed and its affiliate, or your other funds (or equity) under  all accounts of Africamed website to make repayment. Africamed does not have the obligation to use its own funds to make repayments, but if such payments are made, you should promptly compensate Africamed for its total loss, otherwise Africamed has the right to deduct corresponding funds or equity through the aforementioned methods. If  the loss of Africamed still can't be made up for , then Africamed reserves the right to continue its pursing of recovery. Africamed is not a judiciary organization, you fully understand and acknowledge that Africamed 's ability to identify  evidence and  handle disputes is limited. Acceptance of trade disputes is entirely based on your mandate and does not guarantee  the outcome of the dispute resolution meets your expectations. Nor Africamed bears any responsibility  for the outcome of the dispute. Africamed has the right to decide whether to participate in the mediation of the dispute.

(iii)Africamed  has the right to contact you via e-mail or other contact methods to ask for information and notify the other party through e-mails about the information. You have the obligation to cooperate with Africamed work, otherwise Africamed has the right to make unfavourable treatment results to you.

(ⅳ)For user behaviors  violating  the law or  this agreement verified by effective legal instruments or judged by Africamed itself,  Africamed has the right to publish the unlawful acts of users on  Africamed Chinese website and make punishments (including but not limited to limited rights, termination of services, etc.).

2.Using  of  Common Sense

Africamed cannot and does not attempt to control the information provided by other users through Africamed . By its very nature, other users' data may be offensive, harmful or inaccurate, and in some cases may be marked with false identifications or fraudulently labeled instructions. Africamed hopes you will be careful and use common sense when using Africamed website.