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Led Operation Lamp KL-LED.DTR78/DTR78
Led Operation Lamp KL-LED.DTR78/DTR78

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  • Led Operation Lamp KL-LED.DTR78/DTR78
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Product Name Led Operation Lamp KL-LED.DTR78/DTR78
Brand Keling
Model Led Operation Lamp KL-LED.DTR78/DTR78


KL-LED·DTR78/DTR78 series LED Operation shadowless lamp is suitable for various operation needs, is the modern ideal surgical lighting equipment operating room and purify the operating room. 


●Adopt imported LED cold light source.

●Nano coating and die-cast aluminum enclosure creating a streamlined excellent cooling effect.

●Intelligent touch control screen.

●The removable handle sheath can be cleaned and disinfected.

●The no welding titanium alloy arm, imported spring arm is lifted and lowed easily and freely.

●The imported switch power supply is adopted to control the voltage, making the working voltage permanently stable.

●Adjustable temperature, R9 features that enhance the red color rendering index.

●With the function of minimally invasive lighting and brain surgery lighting.

●LED shadowless lamp life expectancy long (50000 h).

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